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Total Eclipse of the Sun, 29th March 2006

The hotel and beach on eclipse morning: hardly a cloud in the sky (06h 55m UT, 09h 55m local)

Our observing site: the partial phase was well underway (10h 26m UT, 13h 26m local)

Crescent shapes on the ground cast by the leaves on a bush (10h 31m UT, 13h 31m local)

My shadow: left hand side edge is fuzzy, the right side sharp (10h 37m UT, 13h 37m local)

Crescent shapes on the ground (10h 43m UT, 13h 43m local)

Asymetric shadows and crescents from a palm 7 minutes before totality (10h 48m UT, 13h 48m local)

Totality! (10h 57m UT, 13h 57m local)

Crescent shapes on the ground (11h 03m UT, 14h 03m local)

NASA Eclipse Team in Side after the eclipse (13h 33m UT, 16h 33m UT)

NASA Eclipse Team in Side (detail)

Sunset on evening before the eclipse (28th March 2006, 16h 04m UT, 19h 04m local)

Sunset on last evening in Turkey (31st March 2006, 16h 05m UT, 19h 05m local)

Last updated on 13 April 2006.