Disk Animations

Listed here are various links to other web pages that are related to the Sun and which I have found useful and informative.

  • The Astronomer. This organisation is aimed at the active astronomical observer. It issues a monthly magazine and email circulars for rapid notification of astronomical discoveries and events. The monthly magazine and web site include details of subscriber's solar observations.

  • The British Astronomical Association. This organisation, founded in 1890, has a bimonthly Journal, circulars, regular meetings and a variety of sections. One of these is the solar section that issues a monthly newsletter giving a monthly summary of solar activity from member's observations.

  • The International Sunspot Number is the definitive indicator of sunspot activity. It has been calculated daily from 1749. Currently the Sunspot Index Data Center of the Observatoire Royal de Belgigue is responsible for its derivation. Daily, monthly, smoothed monthly and yearly averaged values are available in addition to various plots of this sunspot number.

  • The Sky & Telescope magazine has several articles relating to the Sun available on their web site. One of these is on how to observe the Sun safely.

  • The Society for Popular Astronomy have a solar section web page that contains an informative article on solar observing.

  • The SOHO spacecraft, a joint ESA/NASA mission, observes the Sun at a variety of wavelengths and produced spectacular solar images and results. These include excellent recent white light images (select the SOHO MDI Intensitygram, Full Disk images for a date selected from the Soho Summary Data column of the latest images page). There is also a NASA mirror web site.

  • Details of future solar eclipses can be found on NASA's web site.

  • The Space Weather Prediction Center of NOAA provided information on today's space weather. This site includes current images of the Sun in white light and H-alpha from several professional solar observatories around the world.

Last updated on 22 April 2002.