Astro Imaging

Here is a selection of image taken with an Imaging Source camera with either a Coronado PST Hα telescope, a Meade ETX 105 telescope or a standard 135mm lens without or with a x2 convertor.

Solar Prominences

Plage and filament around AR 1026 Solar Prominences

Solar Prominences

Solar Prominences AR 1045 Solar Prominences

AR 1072 in white light & Hα

“Eiffel Tower” Prominence

Loop filament 

AR 1261 in Hα AR 1711 in Hα with a noticeable penumbra


Io, Europa & Jupiter

Jupiter including Great Red Spot


Saturn Saturn & Titan Saturn, Rhea, Titan & Dione

Moon & Pleiades

Moon on 28th April 2009 (click image for larger version)

Moon on 2nd May 2009

Moon on 2nd May 2009

Coat Hanger Astrism in Vulpecula (Collinder 399) Pleiades (M45)

19th December 2009 (17h 22m UT) 20th December 2009 (17h 34m UT) 22nd December 2009 (20h 03m UT) 25th December 2009 (20h 19m UT)
26th December 2009 (18h 46m UT) 27th December 2009 (19h 33m UT) 28th December 2009 (19h 59m UT) 31st December 2009 (19h 31m UT)
1st January 2010 (20h 03m UT) 3rd January 2010 (22h 09m UT) 8th January 2010 (08h 24m UT) 17th January 2010 (17h 31m UT)

17th January 2010 (17h 43m UT) 21st January 2010 (19h 39m UT) 26th January 2010 (19h 57m UT)
29th January 2010 (20h 55m UT) 30th January 2010 (21h 39m) 31st January 2010 (22h 03m UT)
17th February 2010 (19:09 UT) 19th February 2010 (19:40 UT) 20th February 2010 (19:20 UT)
26th February 2010 (20:21UT) 1st March 2010 (22:02 UT) 27th March 2010 (22:39 UT)